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"Seek Knowledge from the Cradle to the Grave." — Prophet Muhammad (SAW).


The BlockBusters Organization was conceived seven years ago during the Holy Month of Ramadhan by a group of youth with the goal of creating a platform that allowed the Muslims to continuously learn and fill the void that consisted of a lack of enthusiasm in gaining knowledge by our youth. Our vision was to embody the message from our Holy Prophet (as) to "Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave", by creating an engaging way for the members of our communities to learn from each other. Since then, the BlockBusters Trivia Competition has become the largest of its kind in the Toronto Shi'a Community.

For the past seven years it has been held at the Jaffari Community Centre in Toronto, Canada. Just as recently as last year, the competition expanded internationally where the Stanmore Jaffery's the youth-led group of the KSIMC of London held their first-ever Ladies BlockBusters quiz night.

BlockBusters is a unique Islamic and General Knowledge trivia competition based on the widely acclaimed BlockBusters game show that ran in the 1990s. Although elements of the format of the game show are similar, the competition itself is something quite unique. BlockBusters brings the entire community together and provides them with a platform to gain knowledge while fostering healthy competition and having tons of fun! With over 200+ participants, both males and females of all ages, the competition continues to grow at an exponential rate.

We pray to Allah (SWT) that he gives us the Tawfeeq to continue with this mission of spreading knowledge while building a strong sense of unity among our communities.

Rules of the Game

Object of the Game

Make a connected path of same coloured hexagons across the board by correctly answering questions. The first team to create a connected path of hexagons wins the game.


Both teams will be given buzzers, the first team to "buzz in" will be given the question, if the team answers correctly, it will receive the selected hexagon. However, if the team answers incorrectly, the opposing team will receive an opportunity to answer the question and receive that hexagon. If both teams answer incorrectly the hexagon will become neutral once again.

Note: The teams must wait for the host to announce the team who "buzzed in" first before answering the given question as the host will stop reading the question as soon as a team "buzzes in". If the question is transferred over to the other team, the host will re-read the question in its entirety for that team.

Time Limit

There is a 5 second time limit within which a team must answer the given question. The timer starts after the host announces the team that "buzzed in". If the time limit expires, the opposing team will receive an opportunity to answer the given question and receive that hexagon. Each game will have a time limit of 8 minutes.


For the preliminary round, we will be using a pool system to decide who moves on to the playoff round. Teams will play against all other team in their pool in a "round robin" format. Pools will contain a certain number of teams and the top two teams from each pool will advance to the next round.


No team member or any member of the audience may stand up, shout, protest, or exhibit any sort of unwanted behaviour during a game. If any disruptive behaviour of this kind is shown, a team or any of its members may be disqualified at the host's discretion. Any audience member engaged in such behaviour may also be asked to leave. This is to ensure the competitive playing environment remains respectful at all times. Should anyone have any questions or concerns during the competition, please approach and explain the situation to one of the volunteers.